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Why Digital Recruitment is a bit like online dating!

Feb 14 2022

Digital Profile Match Making!

Are You Seeking The Perfect Match This Valentines’ Day?

In the lead up to Valentines’ Day we’ve been thinking about what makes the perfect match – in our personal lives, and at work too. Is it people, the location, the atmosphere, similar interests, and common backgrounds? And how do you find that perfect match these days? Online, of course!

Finding your perfect professional match is very similar to the way you might find a hot date.  Creating your digital jobseeker profile is very much like creating a dating profile, it should be interesting, factual, relevant and show you in your best light!

So, before you think we have gone completely mad comparing our job site to dating sites, here are five reasons why we think digital recruitment is very similar to online dating:

  1. A recruiter will not “swipe right” without knowing you match the client requirements. All our clients have specific demands around certification and experience and ultimately they decide who they are happy to accept. The faster we can determine that you are a match, the faster we can put your data securely in front of the client. Adding your full sea service to assignments and providing full certification details with copies to your profile will help our recruitment team enormously.  Your sea service provides detailed analytics to be created which shows time in rank, company, and vessel type. In short, the more effort you put in, the potential for reward is greater whilst also reducing back and forward obtaining details.
  2. Making that first move can be scary! With a complete digital jobseeker profile our recruitment team can find you faster when searching for specific certification or experience. First date nerves are over.
  3. It’s important you keep your profile up to date, add new certificates as soon as you receive them. Camera function on the app allows you to copy certificates which have more than one page. Keep your assignments up to date and add notes around trading area, cargoes, dry docking’s, major overhauls, gas freeing etc. It provides your possible date with the full picture. Stay active on your profile, updating as you go – it’s the job seeker equivalent of posting a recent photo, rather than one of you cuddling a tiger somewhere hot 15 years ago.
  4. Dating in the modern age starts online, well before you meet in person and looking for your next job is similar. Download the app, update your profile and search for your next job!
  5. Our unique automated systems enable our recruitment team to seek out the candidates that meet our client parameters, and with Digital Jobseeker Profiles they can find the right candidate faster than ever before. From making the first move, to securing a job, when you have a Digital Profile with us you know you’re in safe hands.

Find out more and register for a Digital Profile here or click the app icon that is relevant to you below.