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Aug 01 2017

2017 has been an interesting year so far…

We are still in the depths of an offshore support vessel bloodbath and it is likely there is still more casualties still to come. This said we have seen embers of activity leading to some requirements we have not seen for the last couple of years. I believe we have some way to go and will perhaps never again see the frenzied market we had at the top of the OSV market. It is likely another bubble will come this time with the move to LNG powered vessels and owners will struggle to attract experience.

Traditional vessels have seen a renaissance with the economy remaining strong despite the various political turmoil’s – Brexit and the election result the previously unloved vessels such as dredgers have kept us busy. The Ferry sector also remains strong with a dearth of senior certificates or particular client requirements, making filling positon at all levels hard to fill.

Junior officers obtaining their first stamp in the discharge book as an officer continues to prove problematic, however, we have worked closely with some of our good clients and have managed to find opportunities for some stuck in the wilderness. Having a suitable arena to provide newly qualified officers opportunities for single handed watchkeeping is always difficult. With significant shortages of UK ratings, we encourage officers struggling to find work as an officer to take a lower substantive rank. This clearly shows prospective employers a willingness to work and there is always a chance that an opportunity arises to on the vessel they are serving on. We have encountered some company specific industrial relations issues with officers serving as rating which is very frustrating given the market backdrop.

As we are in the middle of the summer season the catering requirements for Ferries has been very busy as people stay closer to home due to various concerns over many previously favoured holiday destinations. Candidates must be flexible and not overlook opportunities with some of the less favoured players to build experience and make sure they meet some company specific training requirements to even be considered for some roles. A little investment in the required courses will help significantly and differentiate you from the pack.

We would like to thank all our clients and candidates for their continued support and enjoy the rest of the summer. The rest of the year looks very exciting with some new initiatives almost ready to launch which will bring some welcome benefits to the candidates and seafarers.

We will keep you posted.

Ian Livingstone, Managing Director

Clyde Marine Recruitment



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