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Tips from Our Recruiters – Digital Profiles

Jun 09 2020

It is unprecedented times for our industry, with many ships laid up, colleges shut and the vessels still operating having greatly changed manning requirements. We are experiencing a significant increase in candidates applying for fewer roles. This is temporary, but while COVID continues to disrupt the world we are adapting and improving the way we work to get you on board faster. In a competitive job market how do you stand out? We have spoken to the Recruitment Team for some tips to help you stand out.


Our recruiters are searching Rank, Certificates held, geographical Location, Vessel Type and Availability. If your profile is not completed then you could be missing out on opportunities so please make sure you have these sections updated!

It’s not enough to have simply created a basic profile and added in the minimum details. Our recruitment team shortlist candidates based on their experience, documents and suitability for each job. They find this information in your profile – have you completed your assignment history, uploaded all your documents and entered all your personal details? Assignments are critical as it is the fastest way to determine suitability for a role.

Digital Profiles give you the platform to demonstrate your experience and skills in a concise manner. Have you added commentary to your assignments? Our clients find information about trading area, the engine type, the cargoes, gas freeing ops, grade changes. Significant overhauls or dry docking’s. For catering the POB, or how many passengers you were catering for, numbers of cabins serviced. It is helpful in understanding more about who you are and how you would fit on their vessel. It doesn’t have to be war and peace; a couple of sentences would be ideal.

Our clients are sent an abbreviated version of your profile which includes sea time analytic (time in rank, vessel type, company etc.) some personal details, your documents and assignments. View your profile as a client, do you sound like an excellent prospect? Are you demonstrating all your skills and experiences to their fullest? The client receives this as a time expiring digital link so we can ensure GDPR compliance.

Many of our clients set minimum requirements, these are documents you must have in order to be considered for the position. In each job advert you will see the set Minimum Requirements, please check you are eligible before trying to apply – if you do not have these documents detailed in your profile you will not be able to apply for the job.

Documents should be filed under the correct Type and Subtype in your profile. For example your Passport should be located under Type – Travel Documents > Subtype -Passport or EU Passport, if you file it under Type – Other > Subtype Passport then our system will not match it to the minimum requirements and you will not be about to apply for the job. If you’re confused by type and subtype download the help document here… DIGITAL PROFILE DOCUMENT TYPE.

If you don’t meet the minimum requirements then please don’t apply for the job, focus on improving your profile, adding your documents, writing about your assignments and making sure we know you’re available and ready to mobilise. You want to be remembered for the right reasons!