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Start Up Guide To Digital Profiles

Mar 17 2020

If you have registered for your digital profile and are unsure of what to do next, then read on and we’ll guide you through the system.

So, what are the most important parts of your digital profile to complete?
In short all of it, don’t worry it’s all information you have handy!

Let’s break it down into sections so you know what info we need and why it’s important.


You can either use a Computer to log in or download the app if you’re on mobile.

Login to Online Jobs Portal

If you’re reading this on your mobile, you’ll be best to login through the app for the best user experience.

You can download the Ankaa Recruiter app here for IOS or ANDROID

When prompted, enter the corporate code: RECCLYDE, this activates the app and is only required once.

When you login you’ll land on your personal Home Page, all the information on here is pulled from the details you provide throughout your profile. We’ll check back here once you’ve added some information into your profile.


Your profile is where we collect all your important personal information, this information is shared with prospective employers upon your request.

To edit your account please click on the pencil icon, once completed remember to click save!

First you need to add your personal details – please ensure that the contact details you enter are correct as we will need to get in touch with you to discuss prospective jobs. Complete the rest of the personal information and don’t forget to add a photo! (Again, remember this profile is shared with prospective employers so a good professional looking selfie is ideal rather than a picture of you in the bar!)

Next click on Contact Information and the box will expand showing you the next sections of information we need you to complete. Click the pencil icon to edit.

If you have a secondary contact number or email, please add it in here. It’s useful to have a backup number in case you lose your phone and we need to get in touch with you. Bear in mind you can update your information at any time, if you get a new number you should update your details. It’s quick and easy to make small updates like this on the mobile app.

Next add your Education information, any College or University qualifications you have can be added in here. Click on the plus button to add new Education details. You will need to add in start and finish dates so have your documents handy. This section is just for your Education details, your certificate information is stored in the Documents section.

Don’t forget to add your Next of Kin details, we need these to be kept up to date in case there’s ever an accident or an emergency.

Whether you choose to update on the online jobs portal or via the app, you can be assured that our system is completely secure.

Remember the empty Home Page you saw when you first logged in? Click Home and you’ll see your contact details are now populated! Did you add a photo?


In this section we need you to add all your certificate details and their expiry dates, click on the plus button to add a new certificate and the pencil button to edit an existing certificate.

You can either upload an image of your certificate from a file or take a picture and attach it using your mobile. Bear in mind that this profile is sent to hiring managers so add all the documents you have, as this will be helpful in securing your next position.

If you’re the sort that sets two alarms to get you out of bed, then Expiry Reminders have been built with you in mind! You can choose how much in advance you would like to receive a reminder and set one, or two expiry alerts.

Don’t forget to click save! If you have any expiring documents, then when you visit your home page an Alert will now be active to remind you.


This is where you add your sea service. It is important to add as much information as possible including department, rank, vessel name, vessel type and flag.

A description of your assignment is key, we know that prospective employers are most interested in the narrative of your career – coastal trade Winter North Sea is vastly different to cruising the Costa Rican coast, so the more information you can provide the better! Completing your sea service and providing a note on each of your entries will really make you stand out. We recommend including the following for each entry;

  • Ship type
  • Trading area
  • Notes about cargoes, engines, dry dockings, general duties, surveys, DP hours and system etc. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the Cook or Captain, knowing where the ship is working, the trade or the number of personnel you are catering for can make a big difference to the Hiring Manager.
  • What challenges did you face, what role did you take in delivering solutions and making a difference to the team onboard?

Finally add your dates in. If you work on a rotational assignment there is a shortcut tool which works up to 1 year in advance, this will save you completing a new entry for each rotation. Assignments in this period can then be fine-tuned if you were signing off late for a weather delay. If you have more than one years’ service then you will need to complete an entry for each year at the moment, this is a feature we are working on amending!

Don’t forget to click save. Once you have completed your historical sea service head back to the Home Page – Your sea time analytics will now be active and show your time in company, time in rank and time on vessel type. We hope you’ll find this helpful when planning your next career move or providing confirmation to prospective employers of meeting their experience matrix.

Additional Features

Messages – this is your personal inbox where we can send you information on assignments, travel details, jobs or updates to the system. You will be able to reply to a message started by us here. If you need to contact us about something else, find your local office details here

Settings – Located at the top right-hand corner you can change your password, choose your location and set your time zone here. Time zone will default to UK GMT so please edit if you’d like it to be in line with your location. You can also deactive your account here.

Availability – Last but not least, you can update your availability for work on your homepage. Click on the pencil in the Availability box.

If you need help at any time you can click the Need Assistance button at the bottom left of the jobs portal and this will take you to Ankaa’s FAQ’s.