ID Verification – Info & Guide

We are adding ID Verification into the hiring process to comply with the increasingly strict regulations surrounding Know Your Client (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF), fraud protection as well as anti-bribery and corruption legislation.

Your employer must be able to prove your identity and ensure you are not flagged on any global sanction lists. This allows the employer to fully demonstrate fiduciary compliance using tools which are becoming increasingly common in banking. We do appreciate it is highly unlikely you will appear on a sanctions list or have a forged identity document; however, we are only following the latest protocols around money transfers.

The process is one time and will not have to be completed again until your document expires. A guide to help you with the process is detailed below, although once you have received the email the system is very user friendly and we feel confident you will be able to complete this with ease.

Download The Guide

If you would like to download the guide to use offline please click the link below.

How to guide

Step 1:

Before you receive your contract, you will be sent a link via email. Click on the red box

Please check your junk mail, the sender is


Ensure you are ready and have your documents on hand.

You will require either your passport or driving license. Your ID documents must be valid.

Step 3:

Follow the instructions, present the front and back of your ID Document.

(We used a driving license here, but you can also use your passport)


Click Allow.

This allows the system to take a picture of you using your forward facing camera.

Step 5:

Follow the instructions and take a short video.

Make sure you have enough light, and your face fills the oval.

You are finished!

Once you have completed these steps your information will be sent with end-to-end encryption and cross referenced.

Once verified your Recruitment consultant will be notified and your contract can be finalised and sent out.

Please note you will only need to go through this process once for the validity duration of your ID document.

Additional help

We have answered some of themost common questions below, please check to see if the answer to your question is here before you contact the member of the recruitment team you have been working with.

What is ID Verification?

ID Verification is the process to confirm that your ID document, such as a passport or driving license is genuine.

Why do you need to complete ID Verification?

Banking compliance is becoming even stricter and in Guernsey, the GFSC (Guernsey Financial Services Commission) is now insisting on having a process in place to ensure the identity of people receiving payments via the island. In addition, we often do not see or meet you in person. The identity check further reduces the possibility of fraud and provides comfort to clients that we know who our seafarers are. Personnel employed direct by CMR will therefore follow the same process.

How do you verify your ID?

It’s a very simple process. Once you have been selected for hire the recruitment team will invite you to complete an ID verification. A link will be sent to you email which you click on and follow the steps on screen. It can be completed on a mobile or computer, you will need to have your ID document in your possession to complete the process. The process is much easier to complete on a smart phone.

How often do you need to verify your ID?

You only need to go through this process once for the validity period of your document. For example, if you have 6 years left on your passport then you will not need to go through this process again until you get a new passport.

I did not receive the email.

Please check your junk mail, we will contact you from the email – please mark this email as a safe sender or add the email to your contacts as we will email from here again in the future!

What do you need to go through the verification process?

• Your ID document – a valid passport or driving license.

• A mobile, tablet or computer with a camera that is connected to the internet.

• Yourself – be ready for a selfie.

What if you don’t want to be verified?

If you do not want to go through the verification process, then we are unable to complete the hiring process.

Does everyone have to get verified?

Yes, everyone who goes on contract with CMR or MMG must be verified.

I’ve been working for you for years, why do I have to get verified?

As part of stricter legislation the authorities require, and dictate, the employer must be able to demonstrate that an identity check has been undertaken. This is not negotiable, and the rules set by the financial authorities.

I can’t find my ID document; can I do this later?

The sooner you complete the ID verification, the sooner we can get your contract sent out.

Is there any other way you can verify your ID?

This is the only way that we can verify your documents.

How secure is the process?

The system we use is an AML Act-compliant identity verification process that meets high-security requirements, serving a wide range of uses in both highly and less highly regulated industries.