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What is a Digital Profile?

A Digital Profile is like your personal CV, stored online along with all your documentation required to work at sea.  You can access and update your Digital Profile at any time by logging into our jobs portal or through our mobile app (powered by Ankaa Recruiter).

Say goodbye to CV’s and bulky email attachments and instead use your Digital Profile to apply to jobs with us.  Your profile is only visible by our recruitment team and we will always speak to you first before sharing your Digital Profile with prospective employers.

Your new Digital Profile will give you a smoother and faster job seeker experience, and by using the system you will also benefit from the following features:

  • Cloud storage for your certificates and documents with photo upload feature
  • Share documents via secure URL link with recruiters and Hiring Managers without bulky email attachments and large data transfers
  • Track, calculate and analyse your sea time, helpful in planning your next steps
  • Expiry Alerts – set alerts for all your certificates so you never miss a renewal
  • Access and update your information on the go through our mobile app

What is the Corporate Code?

When you download our Ankaa apps, you will be prompted to enter a Corporate Code. This will allow the app to recognise which company you are registering with.

Ankaa Recruiter’s code is RECCLYDE

Ankaa Marine’s code is CRPCLYDE

What’s the difference between Ankaa Recruiter and Ankaa Marine?

Clyde Marine Recruitment use a digital system called Ankaa to securely gather, manage and share your information with our clients in order to help you in your role. There are two different apps available – Ankaa Recruiter and Ankaa Marine.

Ankaa Recruiter, is where you create a Digital Profile containing personal information, documents and certificates, past assignments (work history) and Next of Kin details. All this information helps to create a profile which we share with potential employers when you are shortlisted for a job. Not only is it faster to apply for jobs using the digital profile, our recruiters can see all your information quickly and share with our clients easily.

Once hired, if you are deployed by Clyde Marine Recruitment, then we automatically copy your profile over to Ankaa Marine. This is the employee app and where we send payslips digitally to your profile. You will need to download Ankaa Marine to view your payslips, they are not available in your Ankaa Recruiter profile.

Why is a digital profile better?

After decades working in the maritime industry it’s safe to say that we have a comprehensive understanding of what companies need, and want, to know about prospective candidates.

We also know seafarers, and the huge amount of admin required to keep all your paperwork and CV up to date. Let’s not forget the dilemmas of the personal statement – should you include your love of reading, keeping fit and watching movies, or that you like to travel round animal sanctuaries and cuddle tigers? Probably not.

    The digital profile eradicates the need for unnecessary information and focuses your efforts on what information is the most important to secure that next job. You can leave the Tiger Cuddling out of it. Once you have created your profile and added all the relevant information your profile is ready to be sent to Hiring Managers and can be updated on the go!
    There are lots of additional benefits including Certificate Expiry Alerts, Sea Service Analytics
    The digital profiles provide information on shortlisted candidates packaged in an easy to digest format for the Hiring Managers.  They get sent a link to view your profile, which is password protected and expires after they view it, so they don’t hold your personal data. It’s completely GDPR compliant and keeps your information safe and secure.

Do you still accept CVs?

We only accept Digital Profile applications and no longer accept unsolicited CVs.  Don’t worry, it won’t take you long to set one up and then it’ll save you so much time in the long run.  Click on Register now.

To stand out from the crowd we highly recommend you take time to complete your profile in full, paying particular attention to:

  • Primary Rank – so we can search for you in the system
  • Past Assignments – as this is what our Recruitment Consultants will assess you on
  • Documents – if you don’t include all your documentation you may not be able to apply, as we set minimum requirements for each job vacancy

I’ve worked for Clyde Marine Recruitment before; do I still need to register?

Yes please! We removed the old filing cabinets and shredded all confidential information, so if you have not yet registered online then we do not have any of your details.

Once you have created your digital profile it’s a simple case of keeping it up to date. So if you have registered with us at any time before Digital Profiles began we ask that you re-register. Thank you!

How long will it take to complete my profile?

It will take you around an hour to set up a Digital Profile with all your certificates uploaded and detailed past assignments. Once registered your Digital Profile will be easy to maintain, and much quicker than updating and sending your CV each time.

It is helpful if you have all your documents including certificates, passport ID and discharge book to hand as you update your profile.

Don’t worry if you can’t complete it in one go – click save and your progress will be saved for next time.

If using a laptop or tablet you might find it easier to log into the website Jobs Portal, but if using a mobile you’ll find it easier with the Ankaa Recruiter App.

Digital Profiles Quick Start Guide

Which sections do I need to complete?

The more information and past assignments you can add, the better!

  • Personal Details including phone, email and address
  • Education, remember that Hiring Managers will see your profile so include relevant education
  • Next of Kin Information including contact number and email
  • Documents – Add all your documents and certificates here including an attachment of the document. Bear in mind that this profile is sent to hiring managers so add all the documents you have as this will be helpful in securing your next position.
  • Assignments – add your sea service here. It is important to add as much information as possible: department, rank, vessel name, vessel type, flag and a description about journeys, ships, cargo, challenges etc. Finally add your dates in and you’re good! If you are working on a rotational assignment we have a handy section that will help you manage rotational assignments without having to input the same details each time.

We know that prospective employers are most interested in the description of your past assignments. Provide information about each past assignment to make you stand out. We recommend including the following for each entry:

  • What was the ship?
  • If you worked in the Engine department tell us about the Engine – what did you do, what challenges were there?
  • What was your cargo?
  • Where did you sail?
  • What challenges did you face?
  • What did you learn?
  • Onboard Services: What areas of customer service did you work? How many passengers did you look after?

Digital Profiles Quick Start Guide

What is the Password Policy?

When registering for the first time you will be required to set up a password.  You can change this at any time by logging into your account.

For added security we have a strict password policy in place. Please make sure that any password you choose meets these following criteria:

  • Minimum of 8 characters and must include:
  • 1 Capital Letter
  • 1 Number
  • 1 of these special characters@#$%^&!

What’s the best way to complete my Digital Profile?

If using a laptop or tablet then best to Register on our Jobs Portal.

If using a mobile, we suggest you download the Ankaa Recruiter App, available on IOS and Android, and when prompted enter our corporate code: RECCLYDE

Once you have your profile completed, keeping it up to date can easily be done from your mobile device including taking photos of your new certificates and uploading them while you’re on the go!

Can I register using my phone?

Yes, it is easier to do this by downloading Ankaa Recruiter app available for IOS and Android.

To activate the app enter code RECCLYDE.

Is there a Mobile App?

Yes, search for Ankaa Recruiter in your app store – it’s available on IOS and Android.

To activate the app enter code RECCLYDE.

The App isn’t available for my handset; can I still access my Digital Profile?

You can still access the online Jobs Portal through a web browser on your mobile.

Why doesn’t my app work?

To activate the app enter code RECCLYDE and then log in as usual.

You will only need to enter this code once to activate the app.

How do I make my profile stand out?

When sending all profiles in a standardised format we appreciate the opportunities to make you stand out are limited however we have some helpful tips.

  • Make sure your information is up to date – if you change your phone number, move to a new house, update a certificate or gain a new qualification then update your profile!
  • Don’t forget the narrative – include details about your journeys, cargos and challenges. Profiles with completed narratives will stand out from the crowd. Hiring Managers look at the detail of the profile as a priority.
  • Add a picture – faces are memorable for Hiring Managers.

Digital Profiles Quick Start Guide

Can you explain the home page of the Digital Portal?

Personal Details – Your Contact details, Rank and Vessel will feed from the information you have added in your profile.

Analytics – Your Sea Experience is calculated when you add your assignments into the system. This is a helpful indication of how long you have been at sea for in total.

Status – choose whether you’re available or unavailable for work. It’s important you keep this up to date!

Alerts – if you have any expiring documents coming up you will be alerted here first.

Calendar – you can choose to add in important dates, training courses, medicals, shore leave etc here

Messages – this is your personal inbox, we will be able to message you directly and send companywide messages here.

Sea Time Analytics – This is a great feature! Drill down your time in company, time in rank, time in vessel so you can plan your next career move more easily. This feature will automatically pull information from your assignments. The more you add to your Digital Profile the more it will give back to you.

Latest assignments – a quick glance of where you’re going next if you have it planned in, and announcements where we’ll send you info on latest job vacancies, company news and helpful hints on how to make the most of your profile.

Download our Digital Profiles Quick Start Guide

How do I edit my Profile?

In any of the sections click on the pencil icon in the top right-hand corner to edit your details.

To add a new document or assignment click on the plus sign.

Click save when you have completed your new information.

My documents are superior but I can’t apply for the job.

We are aware of this issue and are working on a hierarchy solution.

As a fix in the mean time please enter your superior documents using the lower category drop down. Our team will be able to see that you have a superior document saved.

When a solution is finalised and released we will let you know!

How secure is the Digital Portal?

We use the same security systems as many top online retailers, so you can be rest assured that your details and documents are completely safe with us.

We are GDPR compliant and our system will help all our clients be GDPR compliant too!

Who can see my details?

The details you add to your profile are visible to the Clyde Marine Recruitment team in the first instance.

When you are shortlisted for a job your profile will be shared with the Hiring Manager using a secure URL link, this link expires after a set period of time so your information will not be left in an unsecured inbox.

Will you share my details with any 3rd parties?

With your approval, we will only share your information with Hiring Managers from MLC approved manning agencies or recognised shipping companies.

We will not send you spam with 3rd party offers.

Please read our Privacy Policy if you would like further information

How do I access my payslips?

Once on contract, you’ll be able to log into our crew management system (powered by Ankaa Marine) to access your payslips and messages from our recruitment team. You’ll be given details about this once on contract.

I have an idea or I have feedback for the App

Fantastic, we are always interested to hear how we can improve the portal to make your life easier!  We would be delighted to hear from you so please contact us with your ideas and comments.

Help! I’ve forgotten my password

Click here and we’ll send you a link to reset your password.

What is Ankaa Recruiter?

Ankaa Recruiter is digital recruitment technology that we use to power our digital recruitment process.

Our unique corporate code for Ankaa Recruiter mobile app is RECCLYDE.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us with your general enquiry.