Careers at sea FAQ’s

How do I embark on a career in the Merchant Navy?

The basic entry level is a Steward which requires you to complete several safety certificates and seafaring medical. You can arrange a medical through maritime training companies and MCA approved doctors. It would also be advantageous to have shore-side hospitality experience.

The basic level within the Deck department is an Efficient Deck Hand (EDH) which can lead on to an Able Seaman (AB) certificate. Currently the only entry route to EDH is to be sponsored by a shipping company as it requires candidates to complete sea? time onboard a sea going merchant ship.

The basic entry level in the Engineering department is a Motorman, which can lead to a Fitter or GP1. Currently the only entry route to Motorman is to be sponsored by a shipping company as it requires candidates to complete sea time onboard a sea going merchant navy ship in order to gain an Engine Room Watch Rating Certificate.

Alternatively, an option for entering at Officer level is to attend a maritime college ? for information visit Careers at Sea Website. 

I don’t have a CV, how can I apply for jobs and register with Clyde Marine Recruitment?

That’s no problem, we ask all our candidates to create a Digital Profile so you don’t need a traditional CV. Your Digital Profile includes personal details, certificate uploads, sea service and bank details (so we can pay you!) which are stored securely in our digital portal. The first time you create your digital portal may take a little time but the general upkeep is very fast! Please make sure you have all your important documents and information nearby as this will make the process much faster. Once you have created your profile and added your details you can easily keep it up to date via the mobile app.

If you’re ready to register with us click here and we’ll guide you through the process.

Do you recruit for oil rigs?

We do not recruit semi-skilled workers for offshore, such as Roustabouts. For advice about starting a career in the offshore industry please visit Oil Careers Website.

I have Royal Navy Training, can I work in the Merchant Navy?

Royal Navy certification is not valid for working in the Merchant Navy, however some experience and qualifications gained in the Royal Navy can be accepted and contribute towards Merchant Navy Qualifications. It is possible to convert some of your tickets however we advise you contact the Seafarer Standards branch of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for advice about which of your tickets can be converted.

I am a fisherman – can I work in the Merchant Navy?

Unfortunately Fishing certificates are not valid for working on Merchant Navy vessels. Please contact the Seafarers Standards branch of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) office for advice on further training requirements.

How can I apply for jobs on ferries?

You require basic certification to work onboard any vessel – please see minimum requirements for working in the Merchant Navy. Please be advised that in most circumstances our shipping clients prefer personnel to have previous ferry experience before they can be placed through our agency.

I’ve not worked in the Merchant Navy for several years, what can I do?

For information about re-validating your tickets please contact the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)

Do you recruit all nationalities?

Currently, most of our vacancies require seafarers to have EU residency or to hold UK work permits, or have UK or EU CoC’s, with some exceptions. We are not able to assist with obtaining work permits for seafarers.

For more information visit the government’s official Home Office website or for details of obtaining a certificate of equivalent competency please visit the Department for Transport website.

How can I get a job on a Tanker?

To get a job on a Tanker with Clyde Marine Recruitment, you need specific Tanker experience. Ideally the best way to get experience is to contact oil major shipping companies directly, for cross-training and specific training experience. If you are looking into a new field, you may also want to consider going down a rank to gain experience.

How do I gain my AB certificate?

To qualify for an AB Certificate you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have completed at least 18 months sea service in the deck department whilst holding a Navigational Watch Rating (NWR) certificate or 12 months sea service while holding an NWR Certificate if following an MNTB approved programme of education and training
  • Have completed the basic safety training and PSC & RB
  • Have been assessed as meeting the specified STCW requirements and performance standards
  • Hold a valid medical fitness certificate ENG1 or a recognised non UK equivalent. Please read MSN 1815 for further details

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