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Seafarers Designated Key Worker Status

Mar 23 2020

Following sustained pressure from Nautilus and other transport unions, the UK government has officially designated seafarers as key workers.

This means that, during the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, the children of seafarers can continue to attend school or other childcare settings that are now closed to the majority of pupils.

This is an unprecedented time and it is impossible to know the impact that COVID-19 will have on our countries. What we do know is that the wheels must keep turning, deliveries must arrive and people still need to make essential journeys – it is down to our industry along with all other industries, road, rail, air etc… who keep the supply chain going ensuring we can continue getting supplies to our communities.

We are actively seeking seafarers of all ranks to register and add themselves to our pool of available temps as our offices experience an increase in requests. We anticipate that sickness in seafarers increasing over the next few months and the requirement for temporary seafarers who are able to mobilise at short notice will inevitably increase with it.

Please register HERE to create your digital profile and apply for the vacancies as they come up – this is where we will find our seafarers over the coming months.

If you have already registered please keep your profile up to date LOG IN HERE.

Our team will be working through all the profiles but due to the sheer volume we are experiencing it is impossible to reply individually at the present moment. Rest assured we are looking at your profiles and shortlisting suitable candidates. Please note that due to the extensive travel restrictions across Europe we are mainly looking to utilise UK based seafarers in the first instance.

We must ask personnel applying for vacancies to make sure they are showing no symptoms for Covid -19 or have travelled outside the UK in the last 14days.

We would like to take this moment to thank you all for the work you are doing, the willingness to mobilise at short notice and the support for your fellow seafarers. Our industry has long been a tight knit community and in times of pressure we band together – we are proud to be a part of this Industry and proud of our seafarers too.