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Save The Waverley

Jul 03 2019

The Waverley is the last sea -going paddle steamer in the world, designed and built in Glasgow in 1947 and has been paddling her way around the UK for the last 72 years. Now in her second career as a tourist attraction, she’s carried over 6 million passengers and been awarded many accolades! Read more about Waverley here.

Regularly moored just down the road from our head office, we’ve been supplying crew to her for more years than we can collectively remember. She holds a special place in our heart and is a valuable piece of the rich shipping history in Glasgow. She’s now in need of some serious love and attention, her boilers are broken and without a new set she will never sail again. With an appeal target of £2.3m it’s a daunting task but we hope they can do it! So what can we all do to help?

It’s been said that if each of their passengers over the year bought a ‘virtual ticket’ that would be a huge help so here are a few ways you can buy your virtual ticket to the Waverley…

Donate via the Waverley Website

Donate via their Just Giving Page 

Buy something from the online shop

Every penny counts at this stage so please dig deep and donate what you can.


For the Boiler Aficionados amongst us, here’s some drool-worthy facts about her boiler –

3 pass wetback reversal chamber Designed by Cochran of Annan, Built 2000 by Cochran of Annan at Annan Fuel: Oil, Pressure: 180 psi, Output: 22500 lbs/hr, 105? dia X 199? long Steel barrel. 184 X 2? dia Steel tubes. Welded with rolled in fire tubes construction, condensing, forced draft fan, steam feed pump, electric feed pump, feed water heater, whistle, Originally fitted with a double ended Scotch boiler, this was replaced in 1981 with a Babcock Steambloc boiler. This was then replaced in 2000 with two Cochran Thermax boilers fitted with Hamworthy Electrotec rotary cup burners. The boilers are fully automatic but can be manually fired if ever required.

Find out more about The Waverley here.