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Ankaa Marine – Redefining Crewing Operations

Nov 27 2019

Read more from Managing Director Ian Livingstone about how Ankaa is redefining crewing operations.


After almost 20 years in marine personnel, coupled with nearly a decade at sea, I have gained valuable insight into the daily issues we face in crewing ships. CV’s that are out-of-date the day they are written, expiring documentation, multiple certification attachments, chasing seafarers for their latest documents or recent sea service, calculating sea service, GDPR compliance, gathering bank details securely, repetition of data input, providing ship owner with visibility on crew supplied – we’re all facing the same issues.

Four years ago, I had an idea of a concept to solve some of these big challenges and after attending a seminar with Peter Fisk, the prominent global thought leader and best-selling author in innovation and growth, I decided if I did not do something our business could be left behind. So, I embarked on an audacious bid to provide a digital crew database solution which would not only benefit our business but would also help other marine operators struggling with the same daily challenges in marine personnel. The concept to was to have a centralised digital portal, updated globally in real-time, where all people involved can communicate, store and analyse information securely. In addition, I wanted to create a white labelled mobile app to keep the seafarer an integral part in the process. It has become evident there exists other industry verticals that could benefit from our new technology.

It’s been a long road, which my father, David Livingstone OBE and business partner, Bala Narayanan, have joined me on to provide the marine industry with innovation at an accessible level. Investment for development has solely been organic with no third-party investors. As such progress has sometimes been frustratingly slow but with our eyes on the end goal of providing a system that would benefit and be accessible for the entire community we ploughed on.

The end game is now in sight. Ankaa Marine, a digital crew management platform with mobile app, is up and running with early adopter third party clients onboard. Ankaa Recruiter will be released imminently, which will track candidates through the recruitment process with less paper, less admin and a process better suited to our industry where vocational qualifications requiring ongoing maintenance is essential. Both possess a unique offering that we’ve not seen in any other products available in the market today. Ankaa Marine and Ankaa Recruiter carry universal appeal whilst being accessible to companies of all sizes and across different industries where managing personnel data and certification is paramount.

“We never stand still and are always looking for ways to improve our operations. Usually this is for the benefit of our customers. But on this occasion, we’re pleased to be doing something directly for our staff, ensuring that we keep up with technology and bring the benefits of digital services to our unique workplace. This is a proven solution to something that affects every maritime operator and we’re proud to be in at the start of a transformation in crew management.” Stuart Garrett, MD Northlink Ferries


This short animation offers more information on the digital crewing system, have a look!

For more information on Digital Crew Management, new features and products please visit the Ankaa Website. 

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