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Recruitment Goes Digital in 2020

Dec 03 2019

The Digital Revolution Is Gathering Pace.

We recently rolled out e-payslips to all crew on our crew-managed tonnage and we will soon be using the same digital system to supply e-payslips to all temporary seafarers managed from our offices, those employed directly with Clyde Marine Recruitment Ltd and with Marine Manning (Guernsey) Ltd.

The e-payslip is very much the tip of the iceberg as we now look forward to the New Year and the release of an end-to-end digital recruitment process. We already know how much this will improve the client and seafarer experience and we’re excited to implement the system in the new year.

From early 2020 all seafarers registering with Clyde Marine Recruitment will be asked to use our Recruiter Digital Platform to check latest jobs and apply at the click of a button – this is available as an app for IOS and Android or can be accessed via a computer or laptop.

The mobile app has many useful features and allows candidates to update their certificate portfolio and sea service as they go. Once completed the sea service calculates useful analytics for time in rank, company and vessel type. There is also the ability to enter short notes on each voyage – trading areas, cargoes, dry dockings, major overhaul work etc. We highly recommend that our candidates enter details in here as this is what will make their profile stand out to prospective employers – experience speaks volumes!  Candidates will be delighted to say goodbye to tiresome personal statements and cover letters, the new system means we will no longer need an up to date CV with a cover letter but instead an up to date Digital Profile! These profiles will be used for shortlisting and will be sent via secure, time lapsing URL to prospective employers.

Once each candidate has completed their profiles by adding personal details, certificate images and details, set expiry alerts and added in their sea service it’s a simple case of maintaining their certificates and sea service so we know the profiles is up to date!


In early 2020 we will be launching the registration process – it’s as easy as creating a log in, setting a password and accepting the privacy policy. Once the account has been created, candidates can begin to add certificates, sea service and personal details. If you’re prone to forgetting about certificate renewals, you can set timely alerts to remind you in advance of expiry. We have also included the ability to search and apply for jobs via the app and on the website using candidate digital profiles as your application and CV. It will be as easy as clicking a button!

All previous job applications are catalogued in the system and any assignments undertaken will be filed directly into the sea service section.

This new recruitment system allows us to quickly shortlist candidates based on minimum requirements set by our clients.  The system automatically highlights applicants that meet any minimum certificate requirements, so it’s important that candidate certificates and sea service are kept up to date.


To protect the data privacy of our candidates we have implemented many security features. When sharing candidate profiles for shortlisting registered clients receive a secure URL link to the profiles with a OTP (One Time Password). They use this OTP to access the candidate profile and view personal details, review certification and sea service. This system eradicates the need for multiple large attachments which drain precious data and ensures the client can have a full view of each candidate in a standardised format which will help them make informed hiring decisions.  The secure URL link has a time lapsing feature which means that the link will expire after a set period, this ensures that personal information is not left lying in client inboxes and offers additional data security for our candidates.

Personnel on contract can be easily viewed by our clients in real-time on a ship by ship basis. This offers quick access to crucial information and is a vital out of hours service. In the event of an incident the client will be able to access Next of Kin data or certificate copies quickly.


We are already working on additional features to be added to the system, these include;

  • Preparation of SEA’s (contracts) and joiner forms
  • Compiling client billing and client sign off on contractors
  • Integration with digital SEA’s
  • Employer function to review and issue SEA proving full visibility on candidate details and suitability, ensuring measurable substance to all employment decisions
  • Mobile app enabled expense claims
  • Travel and training booking overview
  • Employer app to access details of all personnel on contract

We know that going digital is the way forward and we are very excited to be leading from the front – our aim is to enhance and simplify the experience for all our candidates and clients.

We’re looking forward to helping you join us on our digital revolution.