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Our Journey to a Sustainable Future

Jun 21 2022

Over the last 6 years CMR have invested heavily into digital solutions, paving the way to a more sustainable business. We have seen a reduction in our paper usage since 2018, by a massive 87.5%

We take great pride in being the leaders of marine recruitment best practice and innovation: from pioneering E-Signature of SEA’s, with assistance of the UK Chamber of Shipping who lobbied the MCA to accept digital signature, to the Pension Auto-Enrolment compliance which was achieved for our clients by sharing the costs through a levy scheme.

These digital milestones play a part in the road to a sustainable future by helping us to eliminate the use of print and paper.

2020 was the year that our recruitment process was revolutionised, and we went fully digital. We were the first company to use Ankaa technology, a niche product that addresses the issues many recruiters face within the shipping industry, namely around documents and certification.  This changed the way we recruit forever, making us more efficient, more sustainable and was the catalyst to become a paperless office two years ago.

By going digital we have made some significant improvements, such as:

  • Been able to broaden our reach for candidates and clients
  • Increased the speed of placements
  • Automated recruitment processes
  • Delivered a 67% time saving on the production of joining paperwork
  • Reduced our paper usage by 87.5%
  • Become more efficient, helping us deliver a better standard of service to our Candidates and Clients

Other Carbon Saving Measures Within Our Company.

We have the following measures in place to reduce our office carbon footprints:

  • Limit travel where possible:
    • Encouraging off-site meetings using video or telephone conference, particularly with remote offices.
    • Reducing the frequency of deliveries to the office – i.e. monthly stationery and water supplies.
  • Recycling, Reducing and Reusing:
    • Significant reduction in printing. Our printers default to double sided printing as an additional paper saving method.
    • Paper cups replaced with glasses
    • Hand towels replaced with hand dryers
    • Electrical equipment unplugged / turned off at the end of each working day

We are currently exploring the following opportunities to reduce further its carbon footprint:

  • Change over all company cars to electric vehicles, currently at 50% switch-over
  • Introduce onsite electric car charging point to encourage uptake of electric vehicles
  • Explore additional ways to recycle office waste
  • Volunteering in our community, we are planning a beach litter collection event

If you have any ideas for our office to become even more sustainable, or initiatives for us to get involved in, please let us know by contacting