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New Year, New Job!

Jan 01 2022

Create The Perfect Profile.

It’s that time of year when many people take stock of the last year and plans for the year ahead, perhaps a new assignment is in the pipeline for you. Now is the perfect time to focus on your online profile with Clyde Marine Recruitment, and create a digital profile that really sells you to our clients. So what do you need to review to get the ‘perfect’ profile?


Your Digital Profile is your online CV, it is where our recruiters can see your experience, assignments, certification and availability, and it gives you a space to make sure the recruiter, and our clients, see the best version of you!  We have blogged previously about why a Digital Profile is essential for finding your next assignment, you can have a read of it here.

How To Create A Great Digital Profile


Once your profile is completed you can simply click to apply on any job on our website that you are qualified for. By spending time on your profile now, giving as much detail as possible such as rank, certificates held, geographical location, vessel type and availability, ensures greater visibility when our recruiters are looking for new candidates.  An incomplete profile can mean missed opportunities.


A Digital Profile is your space to tell your story.  Our platform allows you to demonstrate in great detail the depth of your skills and experience. There’s even space to add in extra details on your voyage that can give you the extra edge.

Things our recruiters and clients want to see on your profile are trading area, engine type, cargoes, gas freeing ops, grade changes, significant overhauls or details on dry docking.  For anyone working within the catering department, showcasing the number of passengers or cabins you catered for provides the recruiter with a better understanding of your experience.  We don’t need pages and pages of details, but a few snappy sentences will help us see the bigger picture.


When filling out your profile, imagine you were the employer: what is it you would want to see in a Digital Profile? Things like minimum requirements for your rank, eligibility in terms of location and experience, and language requirements form part of every job description. If you are eligible, but your profile does not verify this, you won’t be able to apply.


Every document that you upload has a set storage location (Type & subtype) and spending time ensuring they are in the right place will save you time when it comes to applying for jobs. Imagine that it’s like a big online filing system, if your document is in the correct drawer we can find it easily.

For example your Passport should be located under Type – Travel Documents > Subtype -Passport or EU Passport

If you file it under Type – Other > Subtype > Passport then our system will not be able to match it to the minimum requirements and you will not be about to apply for the job.

It can be confusing, so we have created a download that will help you if you are unsure of where to file your documents. Click here to download the file. 

Of course, the recruitment team are here to answer all your questions and provide you with as much help as you need.

Download the app here and start applying today!