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How to Make Your Profile Shine

Mar 17 2020

How To Make Your Profile Shine!

The new Digital Profiles from Clyde Marine Recruitment eliminate the need for CV’s instead collating all personal details, certificate and assignment information in an easy to manage online jobs portal. These digital profiles take Marine Recruitment into the digital age, preparing us for the eventual arrival of digital certificates. Set up and maintain your profile on a real-time basis whilst ensuring security and data privacy at all times.  If you make a change while you’re in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, we’ll be able to view your changes immediately at our Head Office in the UK!

The Digital Profiles offer document storage, expiry alerts and sea-time analytics in addition to acting as a digital CV; this means we always have the most up to date details for you and can share them with prospective employers using a secure, time-expiring URL link. It avoids heavy data transfer when sharing your documents and allows you to access certificate information at any time, wherever you are.

If you have set up your digital profile and added the basic information but you’re wondering how to make your profile stand out, then here are some tips to make you shine.

    • Add a professional picture – faces are memorable for Hiring Managers.
    • Make sure you’ve completed all your personal details, education, certificates and assignments. The more information the better so hiring managers can make informed decisions on who to hire.
    • Make sure your information is up to date – if you change your phone number, move to a new house, update a certificate or gain a new qualification then update your profile.
    • Please take time to upload all your documentation including CoC, Medical, STCW courses, Safety training relevant to rank, Passport and Discharge book as a minimum.
    • Don’t forget the narrative – include a detailed DESCRIPTION about each trip; Trading Area, Cargoes, Grade Changes, Engines, DP Type, Dive Operations, Pilotage Exemption Certificates, Surveys, Dry Docks, Major Overhauls, Passenger Numbers etc and any Challenges you met and resolved.
    • Profiles which include full sea-service details and a good narrative about your role on the ship will stand out from the crowd. Hiring Managers look at the detail of the profile as a priority. They want to know what ships you were on, where they were, engine type, cargoes and operations. Being able to show you made a difference to the team and describing your part in challenging situations in a short and concise manner not only makes you stand out but will make you more likely to be shortlisted for interview.
    • Bear in mind that employers will see your profile so keep the joke pictures and comedy nicknames to yourself, you want to be memorable for the right reasons!

If you have any questions, then please have a look at our FAQ’s page  or get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to offer help and guidance.  Contact Us Here