• Temporary, Permanent & Seasonal Crew
  • Recruitment of all ranks: Masters, Deck Officers, Engineering Officers, Deck and Engine Ratings, Catering Crew, Specialist e.g. Oil & Gas
  • Recruitment Campaign Management including advertising
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Temporary Payroll
  • First marine agency to introduce a sleek digital recruitment system which provides enhanced compliance with Data Privacy regulations

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Reviewing candidates has never been easier.

One click access to prospective candidate information including certificate copies, sea service details, sea-time analytics and personal info delivered digitally in a standardised, easy to read format.   The secure, time lapsing URL (web link) also safeguards you from retaining unnecessary data, ensuring data privacy compliance.

Our candidates have access to a mobile app which enables them to update certification, sea service and personal details in real-time, meaning you only ever see the most up-to-date information.

Smart profiles mean smarter hiring opportunities with this innovative approach from Clyde Marine Recruitment.

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