Smart Profiles, Smarter Crewing

Using our pioneering digital system we provide full visibility of crew personal details and certification in real-time to all our clients.  The unique features and useful reports make it an essential tool for any crew management activities.

With interfaces for recruitment, crewing department, captain, and crew, the digital portal provides a unique platform to update and share seafarer information, whilst ensuring the highest levels of data security and data privacy compliance.

Using our system your company will always have the most recent crew information at your fingertips, wherever you are in the world.

Key features of the Digital Crew Management

  • Crew & NOK Listings, Master and HR interface
  • Candidate Profiles – document copies, validity alerts, contact and next of kin details, banking info, notes section, corrective action narrative for alerts
  • Fleet/ Vessel management – assign crew, view crew list, remote audit
  • Client read-only access
  • Payslip distribution
  • Messaging and Broadcast function
  • Basic crew management functionality

“ The team at CMR were incredibly professional, they not only sourced capable and competent crew but managed the whole process from mobilising and demobilising to also running payroll on our behalf. They seamlessly tied into our existing purchasing systems and made the whole project run smoothly from start to finish.” ​