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Digital Recruitment: ID Checks and Enhanced Compliance

Feb 14 2022


Leaders In Innovation

Clyde Marine Recruitment Ltd takes great pride in being the leaders of marine recruitment best practice and innovation. We pioneered E-Signature of SEA’s, with assistance of the UK Chamber of Shipping who lobbied the MCA to accept digital signature. Pension Auto-Enrolment compliance was achieved for our clients by sharing the costs through a levy scheme.

In the last two years we have become a paperless office, ensured GDPR compliance and significantly improved efficiencies in our transition to a fully digital recruitment process.

Constantly Evolving

Innovation never stands still and neither does the ever-changing world we live in. The regulatory focus around banking has changed. All entities across the maritime sector and the related supply chains, including crew providers, have been advised by global regulators to significantly improve their due diligence and compliance programmes and so we must evolve again.

When receiving funds under your contract of employment (SEA), the employing entity requires the employer (CMR or MMG) to be able to evidence who they are paying with absolute certainty. Going forward seafarers on contract with either Marine Manning (Guernsey)Ltd (MMG) or Clyde Marine Recruitment Ltd (CMR) will require the seafarer to prove their identity using a secure online ID check.

This ensures both CMR and MMG are compliant with the latest ID regulations which include;

  • Know-your-customer (KYC)
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Counter terrorist financing (CTF)
  • And anti-bribery and corruption legislation.

It is appreciated that many seafarers affiliated to both companies have been obtaining positions through our office for some significant time, however, the regulators look for compliance across the spectrum and everyone will need to undertake the short process.

Your ID Checks

CMR has worked closely with Ankaa Ltd, to find a system that can allow us to automate the identity checks ahead of receiving an employment contract from either CMR or MMG.  If you wish to route your wages to your spouse or another nominee , they will also need to undergo an ID check. The technology we are using is the same as what you may have already experienced with leading banks around the globe.

The identity check process is only required once for the validity period of your document, when your identity document expires you will need to repeat the process to validate your new document. The check is purely around financial compliance and not for any other purpose.

Security For All

Implementing this step, ensures employers can demonstrate full adherence with all the latest financial legislation when making an employment decision. Additionally, ship owners are provided comfort and certainty on the identity of the seafarer who will be joining their ships. As the identity of the seafarer, or their possible beneficiary of any wage payments, is confirmed it  significantly reduces the possibility of fraudulent activity.

We will provide a more in-depth blog, instructions and an FAQ sheet to further assist ahead of the roll out of the new process.

If you have any questions, please send them to the CMR team: