Take the admin burden away from job hunting – no more CV’s!

Say goodbye to out of date CV’s and bulky, data draining attachments! Introducing Secure Digital Profiles with Clyde Marine Recruitment: The new way to register and apply for jobs placing you in control of your future.

A CV and Document Store on the Go!

Have peace of mind that wherever you go with your Smart phone, your certificates and documentation will go too! (Android and iOS compatible) Snap and store images of all your certificates and documentation securely in your digital profile (unlimited space). You can even update your details on the App 24 hours a day, so our recruitment team will always have access to your most up to date information.

Be In Control of Your Schedule

Switch your availability at the touch of a button! You choose whether you’re available for work (or not) using a simple button feature.

Never Forget a Certificate Renewal

Never miss a renewal again with our Certificate Expiry Reminders. The app will remind you in advance of any certificates expiring allowing you plenty time to book your training.

Sea Time Analytics

We’ve taken the time to break your sea service down into easy to digest data so you can instantly see time in rank, time on vessel and time in company. A useful tool when deciding when to take the next step in your career.

Safe and Secure

Clyde Marine Recruitment’s Digital App and Web Portal are powered by Ankaa using Amazon cloud servers and the latest encryption techniques ensuring your data is protected.
With your prior permission, your profile details are shared with prospective employers via secure, time-lapsing URL’s meaning they won’t hold onto your data. This is in line with GDPR legislation.

Download our Digital Quick Start Guide