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Best Port Calls For Christmas Shopping

Nov 19 2019

Dubai, UAE

You’ll find something for the entire crew if you dock in Dubai at Christmas! Endless shopping malls with a never-ending number of attractions to tempt you inside. Dubai Malls offer something for everyone, with thousands of retail outlets, department stores, eateries, indoor theme parks, indoor ice rink, cinemas, aquariums and even the first indoor ski resort in the middle east!

Sydney, Australia

If you’re one of those seafarers who’s relaxed about the whole gift giving thing and have probably forgotten to organise a gift for your spouse before heading back to spend Christmas at sea, then you should head down the gangway in Sydney. Here shopping is a laid-back affair with chilled out music and air con. So, what if you forgot Christmas, you’ll find a great gift for them to enjoy in Spring!

Bruges, Belgium

Are you gutted you’re missing out on one of your favourite times of the year? Do you dress as Santa for the kids? Did you pack your Christmas jumper this trip? Then you’ve also probably already done your Christmas shopping in October. But don’t fret, hopefully you’re vessel will dock in Bruges, Belgium. Even on it’s greyest days, Bruges looks like a fairy tale town with cobbled streets and canals. At Christmas time it goes all out with twinkling lights, wooden market stalls and the smell of gluhwein, waffles and chocolate in the air.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you’re ship docks in Copenhagen, you’re bound to find something unique for the special person in your life! Think high end designer fashion to cool new independent boutiques. From chic Nordic interior brands to eco clothing stores, Copenhagen offers seriously stylish souvenirs.

New York, USA

Do you have a big family who is missing you this Christmas? Guilty that you have to spend the festivities on up on deck or down in the engine room? Then surprise everyone with a gift when you return on leave from your ship. Where’s the best place to disembark from the vessel if you’ve a long shopping list? New York! So you can head direct to some of the best department stores in the world. Bloomingdales and Macy’s are two of the best department stores around, stocking everything imaginable. You’ll soon have your gifts purchased and wrapped in no time. You can then spend the afternoon walking around until dusk so you can enjoy the spectacular Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

Glasgow, UK

Have you been onboard with your crew for several months and have now run out of conversation? Then you needn’t fret if you’re docking in Glasgow where the motto ‘People Make Glasgow’ is no joke. And at Christmas time you can even pick up some joke souvenirs to lighten your spirits from shops such as ‘Gie it Laldy’ which translates to: doing something to the fullest, to the utmost, loudest (’giving it laldy’). Don’t forget to pop into Clyde Marine Recruitment’s offices for a cuppa too! We’ll then send you on the subway to the style mile where you’re bound to find some ‘braw’ gifts (meaning great, well-chosen, nice).

We know there are many places left out so please send us photos of where your ship ends up on Christmas day to