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5 Tips for being Temp Ready

May 23 2019

Whether you’re motivated by extra cash, broadening your experience or simply want to get away from chores at home, accepting a temporary assignment with Clyde Marine Recruitment can help you achieve your goal. We’ve put together our top 5 tips to ensure you’re good to go!

  • 1. Contact us regularly – Don’t assume you’re on our radar if you spoke to us once a few months ago. We refresh our availability list every few weeks, so please get in touch with your local recruitment office regularly by phone or email (we suggest every 2-3 weeks) to ensure you’re considered for temporary positions. You’ll find our contact information here
  • 2. Bags packed – The fast-paced nature of temporary recruitment means we often need to fill job vacancies quickly, with crew joining within 12-48 hours. If you don’t live nearby, you will need to get organised quickly to give yourself suitable travel time. Have your bags packed ready to go.
  • 3. Plan Ahead – We check all certificates and documentation before we put you forward for any vacancy, so don’t get caught out by an expiring certificate. Without the proper documentation you will not be considered for the job. Book refresher training courses in advance! Documentation that needs updating less frequently, like your passport, is often the hardest to remember. Passport offices recommend at least 6 weeks to process a new passport or you’ll end up having to pay inflated prices for a quick turnaround.
  • 4. Uniform & PPE ready – Make sure your equipment is laundered and ready to go. You’ll be expected to join with appropriate (unbranded) uniform, safety boots, boiler suit and high vis. Although some ships have a stock for temporary crew, we expect all our candidates to join with the appropriate workwear.
  • 5. Charge your phone before you leave – Once you’ve accepted a temporary assignment we will help you plan your journey from home to ship. However, ship schedules are subject to change at short notice. If the sailing is running late or your joining port has changed, we need to be able to communicate changes with you quickly. We also only email employment contracts these days for you to auto sign, so if you’re joining in a hurry you can pick up your contact on route to ship.

Now you have all our handy hints to being Temp Ready. All that’s left is to think about what you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash on!

Join our availability list in your local area by contacting:

  • UK recruitment team – t: 0141 427 6886 /
  • Latvia recruitment team– t: +371 67331357 /
  • Poland recruitment team – t: +48 58 665 38 60 /