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How To Spot A Recruitment Scam

Mar 02 2021

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We have been made aware of a scam that claims to be part of Clyde Marine Recruitment and we’d like to take this opportunity to clarify what you should, and should not expect from us during the recruitment process. These notes will help you identify any scams in the future.

We will NEVER ask you for money to process visa, or to secure a job placement.

This is top of the list, any recruiter who asks you for money should immediately ring alarm bells, you should never part with your hard-earned money to secure a position.

We will NEVER communicate with you via Whatsapp or any other mobile messaging service.

Our business is conducted via our landline number or by email from one of our recruitment team. The Out of Hours mobile is for emergencies only. Should you wish to confirm the identity of any of our team please call your local office – their numbers can be found here.

We NEVER pay salaries by cheque.

All salaries are paid by electronic bank transfer.

Asking for personal details and bank details.

We ask all our candidates to complete digital profiles to securely store their personal details. You will only be asked for bank details once you have been selected for a job. If anyone is asking for personal or bank details over the phone, or by email, before you have been selected for a job then this is suspicious.

Look for poor spelling and grammar.

We will always endeavour to use correct capitalisations, spelling and grammar across our website, communications and contracts. So if you spot inconsistencies then it’s worth looking into further. We understand that this is difficult to identify for people whose first language is not English – if you have any concerns please call our head office.

Check the email address is real.

Our team communicate from email addresses but we know how easy it is to ‘spoof’ an email address. There are steps you can take to check whether the email is a spoof. To find out if there’s a fraudster behind what looks like a genuine sender, use your mouse to hover the cursor over or right-click on the sender name and you should see the email address behind it.

Check all the links.

Check the links in the email, do they take you to our site? Are the links clickable? If you can’t click on them or they take you somewhere that is not our website then you should be careful.

Our website is or anything that doesn’t look like this is not us!

If in doubt…

Get in touch with us using one of the phone numbers detailed here

Key Indicators

Here is a copy of the email that we have recently been sent, just a few of the scam indicators have been highlighted below. We hope this helps you identify scams in the future.

Highlighting the key indicators of a scam email