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Out With The Old

Jun 30 2020

There have been some big changes happening in our office this week as we continue with our commitment to a fully digital future.

Decades of paper candidate files have been removed to be confidentially shredded and the bank of filing cabinets has been taken away leaving us with a big empty space!

Since April we have been using a new digital system to advertise, manage and recruit candidates. During the pandemic when our team were working from home, the ability to access all our jobs and candidate information in the cloud was vital to the continued running of the business. With all the jobs and candidate information stored in the cloud our team could access from their homes with ease.

We are delighted to see that candidates have quickly adapted to a digital future. In the last few months we have seen thousands create and complete digital profiles resulting in increased security of candidate data, faster recruitment, less paper and far less emails with huge attachments being sent.

Our Clients have been very receptive to receiving candidate profiles via a secure link with many commenting on how much easier it is to view the candidates experience and certification using the new system.

Candidate feedback has been positive giving the system a 4.3 star rating in a recent survey with many finding the document storage and sea time calculator very useful, though the stand out winner is the fact it only takes a couple of clicks to apply for a job with us once the profile is completed!

We know there’s more that can be achieved and have many new features in the pipeline. We are working hard to make the system faster, smoother and more useful for our clients, our candidates and ourselves.