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10 Reasons Why Digital Profiles Are The Future

Dec 03 2019


In early 2020 we will be launching our game changing Digital Candidate Profiles but what are they, what do they mean for you and why should you set one up? We’ve compiled out top 10 reasons for joining the digital revolution with us here, so read on…

1 – The Future Is Digital – Become an Early Adopter

Everything we do is going digital, from digital tv to online shopping, paying bills, registering to vote, banking and photo storage. There’s even a Digital Fridge that helps you create a shopping list. Our industry is lagging behind with technology and we’re ready to take the lead, by creating a digital profile to improve our service to you and so you can benefit from many useful features.

2 – Sayonara CV’s and Cover Letters. Hello Digital Profiles!

It’s that age old conundrum – do you include your love for base jumping or would it be better to say you’re an avid reader? Honestly, we are only interested in cold, hard facts that relate to your abilities to do your job. What’s important to us is what ships you were on, when you were on them, what the ship was doing, cargoes and challenges you faced or big projects on-board, additionally your training and certificates. We have a commentary section for each voyage you undertake so you can tell us about the vessels: DP System, Dive Operations, Pilotage Exemption Certificates, Surveys, Dry Docks, Major Overhauls, Cargo operations, vessel trading area – basically the questions the superintendent will ask when you sit at interview and he peruses your discharge book. Our Digital Candidate profiles focus on what’s important to us, and to our clients too and will make you stand out if you take care to fill it in with as much historical sea service and commentary as possible.

3. Appy Days

You can access your digital profile on a computer or laptop, but best of all we have an app so you can take it with you wherever you go! You’ll soon be updating your sea service or certificates while you wait for a connecting flight, or whenever you have a bit of down time. In the next release we’re adding digital payslips to the system for individuals that work via CMR or MMG. Not long after we’ll be adding travel details, training course information and the ability to lodge travel expenses from your mobile. Phew!

4. Stand Out From The Crowd On An Even Playing Field

Our Digital Profiles offer all candidates the same standardised profile to complete. We then use these profiles to shortlist candidates based on minimum certification and experience requirements set by our clients. The shortlisted candidate profiles are sent securely to the client for final selection. So how do you stand out? Add your personal details, all up to date certificates and documents as well as your full previous sea service. You’re profile will then be searchable under rank, certification, experience and more … the more detail you add the more powerful your profile becomes.

5. Secure Cloud Storage

Where do you store copies of your documents at the moment? A paid for cloud storage provider? On your email? As a photo in your phone? All of these? None of these? Using our Digital Profiles we give you enough free storage to contain all your Documents and Certificates with ease so you don’t need to scrabble around to find them any more. There’s so much security info that we think it deserves a blog of its own – keep your eyes peeled!

6. Save your data for Netflix

Sending certificates to your recruiter can often eat your data when each file is a few MB every time… let’s face it, you’d rather keep your precious data for video calling the family (or Netflix). All documents stored on your Digital Profile are instantly accessible to your recruiter, so if you’ve just updated your ENG1 you can snap a pic and upload it to your profile before you’ve even got back in the car.

7. Free Up Your Free Time

Do you really want to spend hours of your free time updating your CV, writing cover letters and scouting for a new assignment? Browse the app for jobs and apply using your digital profile as your application and CV in one.

8.  This Link Will Self Destruct In 5 Seconds

When we share your profiles with a prospective employer we will use a password protected URL link which is set to expire after a set period of time (Ok, it’s not 5 seconds but you get the gist!). This ensures our clients inboxes are not full of cv’s they should not be sitting on. Our system ensures the highest levels of data privacy for providing us with your bank details and other personal information.

9. Forget something?

If you’re prone to forgetting about training or certification updates then we’ve got a tool for you. Simply add expiry alerts to your documents and our system will remind you before they run out. You’re welcome.

10. Futureproofing

We are moving forward with our digital revolution, there’s going to be a little grace period while we get everyone on to the new system but the future is most definitely digital! We want you join us in the new year and start the digital recruitment journey together.

So are you ready to dive into digital? We are, and we’re here to help you!