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10 Reasons to Register a Digital Profile

Mar 17 2020

10 Reasons to Go Digital

10 Reasons To Register a Digital Profile

Have you heard? We’ve launched a Digital Recruitment Portal for all our candidates. For years we have continuously chased you for updated CVs, details of recent trips or new certificates. The Marine Industry has historically been swamped in paperwork and heavy admin – updating certificates, tracking sea time, logging assignments, creating and updating CVs, writing personal statements – it’s time consuming and let’s face it, none of us particularly enjoy it.

What if you could store all your information in one place, easily apply to jobs, manage your availability, receive expiry alerts and ensure your data is kept and shared securely. What if you could avoid writing personal statements and instead maintain a real time professional profile that’s easy to update?

With a Clyde Marine Recruitment Digital Profile you can enjoy all of this. Join us in going digital and enjoy a quieter life knowing everything is up to date and we have access to the latest certificate copies.

Here are our top ten reasons why going digital is the best thing you’ll ever do!

  1. Never create a CV or tiresome personal statement again!
    With decades of experience in Marine Recruitment we know the information hiring managers are interested in. Your Digital Profile focuses only on what’s important to demonstrate your skills, unique experience and qualifications.
  2. You are in control.
    Add, edit and update your information while you’re on the move – keep your profile current so hiring managers can see your career progress in real-time!
  3. Your data is safe and secure.
    We offer the highest levels of data security. Only with your prior consent, your Digital Profile link will be shared with hiring managers. The URL links require a one-time password and are set to expire ensuring your information is kept safe and not left lying unopened in the employers inbox.
  4. Save your mobile data for the fun stuff.
    Store all your details, assignments and certificates in the cloud so you don’t need to send large attachments leaving you more data to stay in touch with your loved ones, or watch Netflix.
  5. Quickly switch your availability to on or off . You’ll find this in your profile homepage. Set the date range of when you’re available and we’ll automatically able to see you on our availability list.
  6. Appy Days
    Clyde Marine Recruitment is the first Maritime Recruitment Agency to offer digital profiles that can be accessed and updated direct on a mobile app.
  7. Never forget to renew a certificate again.
    Set up expiry alerts to remind you of upcoming expiries.
  8. In-depth Sea Service Analytics created just for you!
    View your total sea-time, and view analytics of time in company, time in rank and by vessel type. No more counting days of qualifying sea-service for your next certificate.
  9. Be prepared! Classification societies are beginning to provide digital ships certificates, by going digital now you’re ready for the pending revolution!
  10. Enjoy more free time – by using the Digital Portal and updating as you go, we are confident our system will save you lots of time on admin, so you can enjoy your downtime without us calling for updated information or details of your last trip.

If you have created your Digital Portal and would like more information, please click here.

If you’ve not created your Digital Portal yet, then click here and we’ll guide you through the process.