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Job title Location Posted
ETO - Offshore Supply - 09/03/15 ahewitt TBC Mar, 02 Engineering Officer
Perm 3rd Engineer required for Cruise Ship end of March lmaidment Mar, 02 Engineering Officer
Chief Officer for Standby vessel sboyle North Sea, UK Feb, 27 Deck Officer
Second Engineer - Fishery Protection Vessel ahewitt Edinburgh and Greenock, UK Feb, 27 Engineering Officer
Masters for Passenger Roro in New Zealand sboyle New Zealand Feb, 26 Deck Officer
ETO - Passenger Ferry ahewitt Liverpool/Dublin, UK/Ireland Feb, 26 Engineering Officer
Master for Ro Pax sboyle Algeciras to Tanger Feb, 25 Deck Officer
Various offshore position for Masters and Chief Officers sboyle North Sea for AHTS and Mexico for Construction Vessel Feb, 25 Deck Officer
Experienced PSV/RSV Master sboyle Aberdeen, UK Feb, 25 Deck Officer
Master for LNG and Junior Chief Officer for Shuttle Tanker sboyle Worldwide Feb, 25 Deck Officer
Relief Master/Chief Officer for Cargo Vessel sboyle Feb, 25 Deck Officer
Perm 3rd Engineer required for a Research vessel starting late March lmaidment Feb, 25 Engineering Officer
Chief Engineer - RoRo - Permanent ahewitt North Sea, UK Feb, 25 Engineering Officer
2 x ABs required on a trial basis for permanent role 4-18th March lmaidment Feb, 24 Deck Rating
Second Engineer - Various ahewitt Faslane, UK Feb, 23 Engineering Officer
Perm 1st Engineer Officer required for large cruise ship company no later than 12th March 2015 lmaidment Feb, 23 Engineering Officer
Fourth Engineer - RoPax ahewitt UK/Ireland Feb, 20 Engineering Officer
Third Engineer - Temp ongoing ahewitt Isle of Man Feb, 20 Engineering Officer
1st Assistant Engineer - RoRo ahewitt TBC Feb, 20 Engineering Officer
Chief Officer for AHTS sboyle Feb, 20 Deck Officer

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